Easy Hacks

Easy Hacks

Check out the starting points for new developers on the project — usually with code pointers helping you to locate the area to hack on easily.

  • First, you need to do a build of Collabora Online though, visit the How to build CODE page.

  • Then grab one of the GitHub issues tagged as Easy Hack, and send your first pull request to resolve it.

  • Don’t forget to join one of our official communication channels, full of friendly fellow-developers, to say hi and ask your questions if any. And if you end up on an issue without a mentor, or feel completely stuck at some point, fear not, and contact our community mentor, Muhammet Kara.

List of Easy Hacks

Below is a non-exhaustive list of the Easy Hacks. To view the complete list of the current Easy Hacks, you may check the corresponding issues on GitHub.

To see the details of an easy hack you are interested in below, just click on it to go to the related GitHub issue.

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