Found a bug?

Found a bug?

Sorry about that — but you can help us resolving it by creating a great bug report! See the steps how to do it, and file the bug on GitHub.

How to file a good bug report

When you find a bug, please make sure you can reproduce it and identify the necessary steps to trigger it. Then describe the steps on GitHub:

If the bug is specific to a file, please try to create a blank one and add just the content that causes the problem. This will be useful later, as a test file, we can use such files directly as test files.

You can also try to reproduce after resetting CODE preferences — and tell us if it matters. This confirms for you that the problem is what you think it is, and is unrelated to any specific program settings.

If your problem is intermittent, try to identify the conditions when does it appear. When you have hard times reproducing the problem yourself, you can be sure that it will be even harder for the developers. So please be as specific as possible when reporting; attach a screenshot, or even a video!

In case you have any problem reporting the bug, please don’t hesitate to ask in the forum, or join the Libera.Chat/#cool-dev channel (you can get there directly via a Webchat) and ask for the help there.

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